Yes, It’s Truly a Good Friday
Yes, It’s Truly a Good Friday

Yes, It’s Truly a Good Friday

He became naked to cover my nakedness with His glory
His heart was bruised to heal the bruises of my heart
His face was disfigured to give my true identity
His bones were exposed out of the skin to give healing to my bones
He was mocked and spat on to give me dignity

He accepted the wages of sin to give me the wages of righteousness
He became a serpent to make me a molted eagle
He was abandoned to make me accepted
He kept silent to untrue allegations made upon Him to silence the charges I was guilty of in God’s court
He became fatherless to cover my uncovered head with the Father’s hand

He forsook the holy throne to not let me bow down to the darkness throne
He became a propitiation of the whole world’s sins and made me an heir of the eternal Kingdom
He wore the thorns to adorn my head with a crown
He chose the nails when I chose sin
His side was pierced so that I could be born again

He shed even the last drop of His sinless blood to make sinless even the last drop of my sinful blood
He embraced death with both arms to shield me with His back
He took me into His bosom and bestowed undeserved love to give His back for the smites I deserved
He says I still love you, even when I bring painful tears to His heart

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