Prophetic Word for 2024 – Part 2
Prophetic Word for 2024 – Part 2

Prophetic Word for 2024 – Part 2

Having the fear of God and bearing His Name (His character) are the key to all blessings in 2024. Yes, you have the prophecies and blessings declared for 2024, however, they will only be fulfilled if you have the fear of God and His character and bear the Name of Jesus upon your forehead. The wise hear and understand.

This is the base prophecy for all other prophecies for 2024, except those received from the Executive Court of God, where only God rules and makes the decisions and no man can change any decree – no matter how much you fast, pray, or do anything. For example, the judgement of Satan and prophecies in the Book of Revelation – they can’t be changed, no matter what.

That’s why 2023 was the Year of the Revelation and Manifestation of the Righteousness of God. It was a year of preparation for the righteous of the Lord to receive a reward from God in 2024. It was a year where the righteous became a prepared vessel of God, allowing Him to work through them for His glory, not their own. 2024 is the Year of the Reward of the Righteous. The reward will only be received by the righteous, hence the title of the 2024 prophecy.

Having the fear of God, bearing His Name, and walking on the path of righteousness are also the requirements of survival in 2024 and the remaining years until the Rapture or the Second Coming of the Lord. In fact, you can’t even cast out a demon if you don’t have the character of Jesus in you. It’s not enough to know the Name of Jesus. I heard a couple of prophets saying 2030 could be the last year before one of these two major events takes place. So, not much time left, if it’s true – only 6 years are remaining, give or take!

Almost everybody knows the Name of Jesus; some even make fun of Him. So, why can’t everybody use the Name of Jesus to cast out a demon, heal somebody, or raise the dead? Because they don’t have the character of Jesus. People were named based on their character in the old times. Today, they are named after anything, making no sense. Names have a lot to do with character, the most distinguishing characteristic of a person. So, if you don’t have the character of Jesus, the Name will not work for you.

In 2024, the righteous will see the favor of God in abundance – favor of both God and man. The favor of God will overflow, so much so that it will also bring the favor of man in their lives. The righteous will stand with the greats of the earth – both in the Kingdom of God and the secular world. Doors of opportunities will be opened for them.

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