Stranger in My Compartment
Stranger in My Compartment

Stranger in My Compartment

Man looks at me, draws closer, removes his hat
But to greet
“Hello madam, how do you do?”
“What a creep!” exclaimed I in my mind
He leans forward, looks deep into my two
To tell how deeply I’m loved

With still not sure what the man is up to
I quickly stood to leave the compartment
But he followed me
“Is he your husband?”
I swiftly draw my shawl
To cover my locket hanging betwixt my breasts

Now I’m afraid, about to recall my husband’s fall
“Don’t you think I’m alone, mister!”
The man who hung on the cursed tree is never far away
“Then why do you run away?”
He held my hand to say he knows where my husband is
“I see him dying in my pater’s home”

Bogged down by my sorrow, my ears had become numb
I had forgotten to listen because my husband’s pain was too loud
The man leans into my ear and repeats the word “dining”
I dared to snatch my hand away from his grasp
But couldn’t move an inch
Because I found his palm impaled

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