Prophetic Voice


Steven is an award-winning content writer with experience working in both B2B and B2C domains. He holds keen interest in various types of writing for a range of industries. He possesses great expertise in creating guest posts, blog posts, SEO articles, infographic content, social media posts, presentations, QA/forum content, and meta tags.

He is a detailed researcher and information specialist focusing on a vast array of subjects related but not limited to B2B data, B2B sales intelligence, B2B sales and marketing, market research, health and biology, (diet, men and women’s health, food, and health management), and career development (resume and other business document writing, interview preparation, and skills improvement).

He has worked on a wide scope of US and Canadian digital marketing projects, namely pavement construction, anti-aging and beauty care, healthcare, hair restoration and rejuvenation, legal services, law and accounting, water damage and flood services, computer and networking, direct and digital marketing, office space rentals, hotel and banquet services, telephone systems and unified communications, landscape and fencing supply, dance training, mortgage and housing, office and residential cleaning services, and other spaces.

He is uniquely innovative, constructive, and creative. Furthermore, he likes to stay focused and achieve perfection at all times. He looks forward to a durable advancement in the content writing profession while regularly improvising on writing abilities and skills. His leisure-time activities include philosophical, creative, and lyrical writing, poetry, exploring hot internet marketing and social media trends, enjoying sports, and relishing every moment of life.