Purpose to Worship
Purpose to Worship

Purpose to Worship

No fear to bend knees and lift hands
Before the lifted Messiah who lowered Himself
Before I float mourning burning at sulfur surface
Before the pale faces make me pale
Before the ground stones mock my God-image
And shout praise to our one Maker

One more praise
One more worship
One more word
One more minute hand of the hour

Because never for one more time
Did He thought of sacrificing His Womb
Ransoming Him for our wombs
Buying us back from the serpent’s womb
Birthing from Mary’s virgin womb

Repeated thank You for Your repeated grace
When I repeatedly pierced Your already pierced side
No words to thank You as I’ve no words to explain
Why would you give Your daughter to this lustful man
Felt like that adulteress accused by those self-proclaimed saints
And see you writing my name in Your book
As when You scribbled her name on the ground

Now my tongue’s heavy
Heart’s heavy with heavy gratitude
Heavily burdened with your debt
Of raising my house priest from that depth
I found him, though I’ve lost him for a moment

I was found to be worthy; You made me worthy
When I was worthless and made of less worth by my sin
I was broken though I looked fixed, but I was disarranged
As though my heart was plucked and traded to another country

Now I breathe through a new heart, my King’s heart
Who keeps the king’s heart in His hand

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