New as the First Heartbeat
New as the First Heartbeat

New as the First Heartbeat

Gain strength, O my soul!
Fasten your girdle ’cause new is the day
New is the sand under your sole
Your Maker is doing a new thing to this day

‘Tis so adorable to trust the One who made your love
You’re His love
Hide your face with no hands
You’re not His love
Hide your ears with yo’ hands
Shut ’em up, O my spirit, from the mouth of this flesh

My sinning stoppeth not, neither doeth Your forgiving
Liar lying with his lying lips
Grace ain’t for your hypocrite lips
Little dost knows he I’m back standing on my real bare feet
With my naked soul before the King
Who hesitated not before the kings to die naked for me

I’m a free eagle
And what do you knoweth the joy of kissing the high winds after molting?
O you low serpents who inveigle!
As a stallion eying towards the finish line now I’m feeling
Unchained from the character of unfastened swines who with swamp mingle

Lo, the sky looketh lovely
Though I looketh up not to find its Artist
Now I findeth Him as I looketh down in my spirit He made artly

Not worthy, not able yet I sayeth, thank You
Though is a small word yet meaneth a lot to You

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