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Need Him No Matter the Need
Need Him No Matter the Need

Need Him No Matter the Need

Need a friend, need a hand
Need someone to lift my hand to take a hand
Need a whiff of joy, at least a drop of water
To at least deceive my heart –
“You’re safe, there ain’t anyone to smother you”

Need a friend, need a hand
Need someone to calm my fast beating heartbeat –
“It’s not bottomless yet, you can still bottom up this Pit”

Need one sweet word, at least a dove’s feather to feel through
While these thorns prick my heart through and through
To at least have a glimpse of solace
Before I’m slashed so less

I’m a despairing case
Somebody please give a hearing to my case!

Here’s your God, here’s My arm
Take hold and behold
I’ve overcome the Pit perfectly
Can’t you see My grave empty completely

Take all of My love and grace, not the least
You’re not the least
And see your enemies pass before you
And how I set before your enemies, a table for you

Here’s My Spirit, here’s My holy blood
Drink it, take it
I thirsted for you, thirst not again
I will leave you never again

Here, take it
I uncovered Myself and I don’t regret it
Cover your shame
I don’t care about My shame

Need a friend?
Here’s more than a friend
Savior, Comforter, Healer, Provider, Father…
And it doesn’t end here


Hold peace, son!
I know what’s racing in you, son!
You still have one, your God your Lord

Ah! Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord

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