Last of the Last Days
Last of the Last Days

Last of the Last Days

Last days of the last day
Praying not to be a May Day
May the day be a beginning
To New Jerusalem’s new rejoicing
Not a door to Hell’s opening
Lest the unbelieving go teeth gnashing
When He returns with the trumpet blowing

The Son will be brighter than the sun
Darkness will flee like a murderer’s son
Fall on us, great mountains! Felt He never returns
But they’d fall for their Maker who returns
Gospel rejectors, hide not!! You made no returns
Turn to Him now; like a thief He returns
No angel, no man knows when He returns

The morning brings a new sun
Grab the opportunity, grab the Son
Cause He loves you till your last son
You’re breathing a new air
Cause He just made you a new heir
Just as you accepted His grace chair
He promises to not lose your one hair

The day is coming
The King is returning
The saints will be calming
The risen future is in the making
Rise up and be an awakening
To the saints who’re still dozing

‘Cause in the last of the last days
You’re living your days

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