Craving for Righteousness
Craving for Righteousness

Craving for Righteousness

My identity is ceased without you. It feels like I’m non-existent in this world. Lord, You are the meaning of my life. This life longs for your sustenance. My adored Lord, come now, enter into the gates of my perverted heart and heal its broken walls with Your agape love. Come, let us merry and rejoice in Your fatherly presence.

I beg, O Lord, do not forsake me from Your holy, enchanting, and vigorous presence. O Lord of hosts, render me Your strength to defend righteousness, which was bestowed upon me by the Righteous One above. Oh! These temptations… They have become overwhelming and hard to resist. They have made me weak.

Your Majesty, please forgive me! I have let You down in these temptations. My blunders have made me suffer the loss of righteousness. Lord, I admire You as a mighty and overcoming God. Your liberated grace is what I need to protect my love and righteousness.

Love, which was not mine nor is mine, but was received from above, has been an amazing ingredient of my life. Oh! This love is a beautiful extension of Your love and mercy towards this dust, which You gave the honor of being Your son. Why Lord? Why do You love me so exceedingly?

I find no reason for You to love this blemished piece of dust. I have wounded Your Spirit time and time again. Then, why does my Lord’s heart cry when a tender pebble strikes my foot? Where can I, in this pitiless world, get such undefiled and true love of my Lord? It’s intricate to find this love even in my mother’s breasts. Your hands are softer than hers, my righteous God, Your pain is far more excruciating than her labors.

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