How does God Test a Prophet Who Sees the Future?
How does God Test a Prophet Who Sees the Future?

How does God Test a Prophet Who Sees the Future?

How can a prophet be tested by God when that prophet is able to know what is going to happen next? A spiritual test is an examination conducted by God. It requires you to:

  • Exercise faith
  • Step into the unknown
  • Be obedient to God, regardless of the situation
  • Do what God wants you to do, even if it doesn’t make sense to you

Now, what if a prophet knows beforehand what the examination is about? What if a prophet knows how and what God is going to test him with?

Hebrews 11:1 – Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

But what if I tell you a prophet has already seen the things that are going to take place in the future. So, where is the evidence? Where is the application of faith?

Let me give you an example. Consider yourself in Father Abraham’s situation where he is asked by God to sacrifice his son Isaac. This is a tough test for you because Isaac is your son. How can you kill him?

Isaac is your promised and only son born to you at 100 – at this age, you are no longer fertile. Your wife is 91 – well past the childbearing age. Giving birth to another child looks impossible to you. God promised you only one Isaac. You can’t afford to lose him.

Having said that, what if you already know God is going to stop you from sacrificing Isaac? What if you already know the exact moment when you will hear the voice of God from heaven? What if you just pretend to sacrifice Isaac because you know God is going to stop you anyway? So, how can your faith and obedience be tested?

I wish it was that easy for a prophet to pass God’s tests.

Let’s find out.

First type of test

How do you think the prophetic ministry works? It works by faith! It takes faith to act based on what you hear from God. It takes faith to call out people’s names and talk about what God is revealing to you about them. It takes faith to prophesy.

The very fact that you know in your spirit that a particular thing is going to take place in the future is a fruit of faith. Although you have already seen the thing happening in the future, it’s not happened yet. But you still believe it’s going to take place. Even if God reveals that thing to you and tells you it’s going to happen in the future, it takes faith to believe and act on it.

Although you already know the next move of God or have a promise from God, it takes faith to stay patient and see the promise being fulfilled. What if God changes his plan at the last moment just to test you? What if God delays sending his voice from heaven to stop you from sacrificing your Isaac? Or what if God never stops you from sacrificing your Isaac?

What if your spirit was not quick enough to catch that last-minute change done by God, and you didn’t see that coming? Even if your spirit was quick enough and you did see that coming, it takes faith to complete the action and do what God wants you to do. It’s easy when things are taking place in the present, in front of your eyes. But anything that is going to happen in the future requires you to apply faith, show patience, and go through the waiting time.

By the way, if your Isaac dies, God is able to resurrect that same Isaac. So, God’s promise still gets fulfilled in your life.

Look, I told you earlier – you didn’t see that coming!

Second type of test

The test of obedience is another type of test which a prophet may go through. Here, as a prophet, you know what the end result is. However, halfway through reaching the end result, God asks you to do something that “you think” can change the end result. He may ask you to do something that can put your destiny at risk.

In this situation, you need to trust God and be obedient to Him without calculating His and your every move. Yes, this is a type of test. Even if you know every step that leads to the end result, and the end result itself, it still requires faith to complete and go through these known steps to achieve the end result you are already aware of.

Third type of test

Another type of test that you, as a prophet, may go through is where you know what the starting point and the destination or end result are. However, you are not aware of the steps in between. Here, God hides the process that you need to go through to reach the destination. He may do this on purpose to test you.

When God hides something from you, even your prophetic gift can’t unveil it. This type of test requires you to apply faith to do the steps to reach the destination or achieve the end result.

A final word

You see, God is the Prophet of all prophets. You can’t fool God, nor can you outsmart Him. You can’t use your prophetic gift to find your way around the test by God or manipulate it.

Sure, you can opt out of the test, but then you would never reach your destination. Also, a true prophet never shows his back on the battlefield. He takes challenges head on. His God never tells him to leave the battlefield or run away like a coward.

The tests a prophet goes through are designed by God in such a way that the prophet’s spiritual gift or abilities can’t help him pass the tests or manipulate them. They will require the prophet to apply his pure faith and be obedient to God to pass them.

Having said that, know that, our God is not a cruel God or a bad Father to take away your Isaac from you or the blessings which He Himself gave you. You can’t outgive God. You can’t blame God. And God doesn’t make any mistakes.

Once you do your part and prove yourself faithful and obedient to God, be rest assured that you are moving in the right direction. It is God’s responsibility to fulfill the promises He gave you. Leave everything into God’s hands and trust Him. God will do His part. He is a faithful God. And don’t forget, He is the author and finisher of your faith. Hallelujah!

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