Unripened Fruit
Unripened Fruit

Unripened Fruit

Be strong, steadfast, put your shoulders back
Kiss your enemies, frenemies as you’d kiss your lover’s back
Let your lips smile, face shine, eyes glow
Even though your heart’s got its biggest blow

Wonder how the Son endured the Cross?
The bigger glory, the bigger picture beyond the Cross
Thinking outta the box? Live outta the box
But you hide Him like the ring in a wedding box

Up on your feet, take up your shield, your sword
Hold fast to the covenant by Himself He swore
Greatest weapon is not the pen in your hand
But the Word He put in your heart with His right hand

Promise and Covenant are no unreal imagination
Much real to the Heaven’s Owner beyond your imagination
No works, no gimmicks, no worries

Because I made patience my kin
To water the fruit until it ripens to the skin

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