How will People Recognize the Body of Christ?
How will People Recognize the Body of Christ?

How will People Recognize the Body of Christ?

Esther 6:13 signifies our identity in Christ. It indicates how people will recognize us. However, sin could cause you to lose your identity. It is never God who takes away His grace, blessing, or anointing. It is your sin that keeps you away from God. Sin can become a barrier for believers to stay under the grace of God.

However, believers often blame God instead of their walk in sin and rejection of His grace. Nevertheless, God assures us of not being completely dismantled from His grace, provided you show the attitude to come back to God, unlike Pharaoh who relentlessly functioned against His people. In the end, God had to harden his heart.

It is a common scenario to be troubled by evil when you are away from the grace of God. This is because you are exposed to the kingdom of darkness when in sin and away from grace. You are not in your best shape when away from grace and God.

However, the Bible says that seven times a righteous man will fall, but also rise up the eighth time. That is the assurance you have from God. Pray, read the Bible, preach the gospel, and serve the Church. You do this, your life will never be the same.

What does Esther 6:1 tell us about?

When your blessings are due, they cannot be stopped from being received by any demon, darkness, or man. It could even make a king or a blessing vessel restless until the blessing is given to the right person God intended to bless.

However, there is one person who can stop the blessings and rewards from God from being received. It is the one who is to receive them. You! Your sin and denial of grace can choke blessings to flow through your life. God cannot work where sin is. Nonetheless, you can expect a breakthrough in such situations, provided you demonstrate your faith in Christ because it activates grace.

When the devil is planning the worst for you, know that God is planning the best for you. Read Esther 6:3-4. God can reverse the plans of the people against you. Their evil plans will destroy themselves. Read Esther 6:6 and 10. People will be delighted to bless and honor you, whom God has intended to be part of His plans for you.

Furthermore, those who planned against you will be ashamed. They will mourn and cover their heads in shame. This could be a bold account to talk about, however, I have personally experienced this and witnessed the glory of God in the darkest of times when it seemed the entire world was against me. An interpretation of Esther 6:12 could be that people influenced by the devil or sin will not be able to bear the glory of God upon your life. They could even run away from you.

And then, the people will know who your God is and your identity in Christ. Read Esther 6:13. If the grace of God is upon your life, the devil just cannot prevail against you. The flurry of blessing will not cease under grace and the downfall of Satan and His influenced people will not either. Chances are they will plead before you when they discover their evil is revealed. Read Esther 7:6 and 7.

When you do your part, God does His. There will be complete annihilation of evil from your life when you embrace righteousness. The Cross of Jesus is a fine instance–Jesus did His part of dying on the Cross and God did His by resurrecting Him. And the devil lost forever. Actually, the victory is already sealed when you do your part because faith in God will never disappoint you.

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