How Does God Prepare You for Marriage?
How Does God Prepare You for Marriage?

How Does God Prepare You for Marriage?

Planning to tie the knot? Well, before you even pop up the question, you’ve got to submit your life to the will of God and understand how He works for and in a marriage. Note that it reads submit your life and not just submit your marriage. Here are 35 things you need to know as a spouse-to-be:

#1 God first cleanses you from your sins (especially sexual sins) and darkness.

#2 Then He brings you close to Him, basically developing you spiritually.

#3 In short, He saves you (first things first). It’s important to have salvation before marriage. Imagine a person who is dying and you were to save him. If you give him plans to get married instead of saving his life first, it would be foolish, right?

#4 He reveals to you the person (my favorite part) through your church, family, friends, peers, or even personally.

#5 He brings you close to the person by creating situations with one unique opportunity every time to know her/him better. Every time you lose an opportunity, you lose a chance to get close to her/him.

#6 He teaches you self-control (very important).

#7 He removes the dependency on your spouse-to-be.

#8 He teaches you love (agape), marriage, and how to become a God-standard husband/wife and love your spouse-to-be.

#9 He teaches you to balance your spiritual life and personal life.

#10 He explains to you the timing of your marriage—when both get fully prepared for marriage.

#11 He makes you understand that your spouse is just an extension of God’s blessings and joy. The source of all your blessings is the Father. However, you are to care for your wife/husband as you would for yourself.

#12 He makes you stronger, prepares you to survive in the absence of your spouse.

#13 He is preparing your spouse-to-be at the same time as He’s preparing you for marriage. So if you experience something fishy, don’t worry—the promise is still intact and will be.

#14 He wants to give you complete victory and complete defeat to your enemies.

#15 He will let your spouse-to-be do her/his way until she/he realizes that only His plans are the best for her/him and will prevail, just as He did for you.

#16 It gets harder as you come close to the fulfillment of His promises.

#17 He is always making preparations for your marriage; His angels are always working for your marriage. Did I mention He even chooses the tree which will bear your wedding flowers? Worry not! Your marriage is in safe hands.

#18 He gives both of you the time you’ll need to understand each other better. Basically, He’s preparing you for a successful marriage.

#19 He teaches you what to speak and what not to with your wife/husband, even if it’s going to make her/him feel upset. But, He still wants you to obey Him.

#20 He makes you understand that if she/he is your promised land then you too are her/his promised land (that’s sweet!).

#21 He lets you know that as much as you need her/him, she/he needs you too.

#22 If she’s/he’s a blessing for you, you’re a blessing for her/him too.

#23 Just because she/he is living a higher lifestyle, it does not mean that you are made lower to her/him. God sees you both equal. Don’t put yourself down. At the same time, don’t hold pride; love her/him.

#24 He teaches you to be patient, trust Him for your marriage.

#25 He teaches you to deal with tricky situations only through love. The situations could be allowing her/him to stay in contact with friends of opposite sex or exes after/before marriage.

Just trust God and allow her/him the freedom saying that you trust her/him, and God’s love between both of you will keep your marriage intact. Assure her/him that even if she/he breaks your trust, you would still forgive and kiss her/him the same you kissed for the first time.

#26 God has forgiven your sinful past. So if He tells you not to share some things of your past with your spouse, you shouldn’t.

#27 Be wise. Don’t act like a fool inviting arguments and unnecessary differences by sharing something which you shouldn’t. Faithfulness and love toward your spouse do not reflect foolishness.

That absolutely does not make you less of a lover, but you are doing her a favor by not letting unimportant things be revealed—in fact, this is for her own good. It doesn’t make you fake! Keep this verse: There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus (Romans 8:1).

#28 Don’t, or rather, never act negative towards or in front of your spouse.

#29 God wants you to know that the glory belongs to Him and Him alone—it’s not yours or your to-be-spouse’s nor anyone’s for that matter. Understand that the covenants and promises are dependent on Him; He will see them to completion (2 Peter 1:3-4).

#30 God raises up witnesses—two or more—for His promises and covenants, and your marriage, so that He would be glorified.

#31 Everything (your marriage) is in God’s control. Nothing slips out of His hands. He doesn’t make any mistakes.

#32 After reading 2 Peter 1:2-4, I find myself speechless! How can He be so bang on target?

#33 Virtue is so important in your marriage. Whose virtue? God’s virtue.

#34 Spiritual discipline is a must in every marriage. It applies to both the husband and the wife. It may be painful to maintain spiritual discipline in your marriage. Nevertheless, the end result is deepened love.

#35 Read Ephesians 5:25-26.

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