Can’t Open an Opened Door? Let’s Do It Right!
Can’t Open an Opened Door? Let’s Do It Right!

Can’t Open an Opened Door? Let’s Do It Right!

An employee had a great day at office and was leaving for home. He swiped his card to open the main door of the office to get out. But he couldn’t open the door. He swiped his card 3-4 times, but to no avail.

As he was thinking what to do next, he saw another employee approaching the door to get out. He explained her the situation, but she answered nothing. She just swiped her card, and the door opened.

He was happy and at the same time surprised to find that the door opened for her but not for him. What could be the reason? He asked himself. He was still thinking about it when he reached the parking lot and all the way home.

It was only after he reached home and prayed that God revealed the truth to him. The door did not open for him because he was opening it in the wrong direction. It was the classic ‘push/pull’ mistake people make when opening a door.

He was supposed to push the door and not pull it after swiping the card. It looks like an ordinary situation, but there is something to learn from it. So, this is what God explained me:

People sometimes face a situation in their lives where God has already opened a door for them, but they can’t get through, no matter how hard they try. What could be the reason/s?

Reason #1

People put their efforts in the wrong areas and in the wrong direction. They are so caught up in things that are not or less important, or of less value that they tend to not read the instruction manual and signs to open the door or get through it when it’s opened for them.

People are so engrossed in their own thoughts and the need to open the door or get through it that they forget to receive the Manna from God or seek the wise counsel of the Holy Spirit.

Yes, you should set your eyes on the prize, the reward God has made ready for you. Yes, you should be looking to make it to the other side. But do you have what it takes to receive the reward from God, to enter through the door God has opened for you? Do you have the instruction? Do you know how to receive it or get through?

It’s good to have the zeal. But it won’t bring you to your destiny on its own. You also need knowledge, wisdom, and understanding from God. You need the Word of God. You need the Holy Spirit. You need to carry the promises of God with you.

The employee in the above scenario failed to read the instruction on the door – Push. Instead of pushing the door, he was pulling the door. Therefore, even though the door was open, he couldn’t get through.

Reason #2

Another reason that you may not be able to get through an opened door is the lack of the presence of God, or you refusing or being lazy to enter the presence. You may not be having regular communion with God. You may not be spending time with the Holy Spirit.

You need the Holy Spirit to get His guidance, get the right directions, know where to focus on, and know where to put in your efforts.

Reason #3

You may also not be able to get through a door already opened by God due to the lack of your meditation on the Word of God and the promises you have received from Him.

You may not be keeping the promises in your remembrance. You may not be meditating on the special Word you received from God. You may not be going back to it time and again. You may not be keeping it up your sleeve. You may have forgotten it already.

For example, the employee who was struggling to open the door in the scenario explained above knew how to open the door. He had swiped his card and opened the door several times. But then, why did he fail to open the door this time?

It’s because he was focused on other things, he was not attentive, he had other thoughts running in his mind, or he was in a hurry. Now, apply these reasons to your situation where you were not able to get through the door already opened by God. Look at it from a spiritual perspective.

Now you understand how important it is to keep the Word front and center in your life?

End Note

The employee in the above scenario finally got through the door, but left with many negative thoughts in his mind.

He thought he has been terminated from work and that’s why the company has blocked his access. He thought he said or did something wrong during the day, and it has been escalated to the senior manager. He thought somebody secretly complained about him and he had no chance to explain himself. But nothing of that sort had happened in reality.

That’s what the devil does to you when you fail to receive the promises of God, open a door, or enter an opened door. He accuses you of things you have not done. He creates a false realm of fear, condemnation, and bad happenings. You start doubting yourself, your own spirituality. You start believing the lies of the devil.

You see, it was a small situation for the employee – he was only opening the door in the wrong direction. That’s it! But the devil had put extreme negative thoughts in his mind for no reason (well, there is a reason – the devil comes to kill, steal, and destroy).

Finally, another employee approached the door and opened it for him. God may send a person in your life – maybe an angel, prophet, another man of God, mentor, or someone to help you out when you get stuck in your life. God works in miraculous ways.

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